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Investigate the disappearance of the Mages Guild on the moors.
Zone: Greenshade
Quest Giver: Ancalmo's body outside Shademist Enclave
Location(s): Shademist Enclave, Longhaven
Reward: Ring of Ambition
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low
ID: 602
I discovered the remains of a mage outside a cave in Shademist Moors. While there are no shortage of victims around here, the presence of the Mages Guild urges me to investigate what might have happened to the rest of them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read the Letter from Dannic.
  2. Find the three mages in Shademist Enclave and retrieve their signets.
  3. Speak to Lucretia Fortunatus in Longhaven.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Begin the quest by searching the corpse of Ancalmo, who is lying dead on the ground. Take his ring (Ancalmo's Signet), and read the note next to him. The note describes that him and three others planned to retrieve a plan, and mentions that someone named Lucretia Fortunatus is on their tail. You must uncover the fate of the other three mages. Head into the nearby Shademist Enclave, in which the other three mages can be found. Enter the cave's first chamber, and take the east exit to the next chamber. Malangwen's body can be found here. Retrieve Malangwen's Signet from her body, and continue through the cave.

Follow the tunnels, and go right at the junction you reach, into another chamber. Drop from the bridge to the lower level and find Jahadar's body here. Again, retrieve Jahadar's Signet from his body. Climb back up and out of this chamber, this time going the other way at the junction. Head into the next chamber and examine the stew in the camp area. Inside the stew, you find Dannic's Signet. Once you've found all three rings (four including Ancalmo's), leave the cave. Go north-west to Longhaven and speak with Lucretia, who is in the town. Show her the rings and she mentions that their lust for power led to this. She thanks you for informing her that she doesn't need to pursue them any longer, and rewards you with some gold and a Ring of Ambition.

Quest Stages[edit]

Deadly Ambition
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I found a note next to the corpse of the unfortunate mage. I should see if it sheds some light on what brought guildmembers here.
Objective: Read the Bloodstained Note
The note suggests a small group of mages came here to retrieve an artifact. I should look inside the cave and see if any of them survived. If not, I could still retrieve their signet rings and let someone in the guild know of their deaths.
Objective: Uncover the Fate of the Mages in Shademist Enclave
Objective Hint: Search for Malangwen
Objective Hint: Search for Jahadar
Objective Hint: Search for Dannic
☑Finishes quest None of the mages survived, but the note also mentioned someone called Lucretia was looking for them. She might be in Longhaven, so I should look for her there.
Objective: Find Lucretia Fortunatus in Longhaven