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Online:Crafting Motifs 57, Chapter 14: Ebonshadow Swords

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Collection Ebonshadow Style
Crafting Motifs 57, Chapter 14: Ebonshadow Swords
by Romien Garvette of the Whispering Shadows
A description of what Ebonshadow swords should look like

You want to be beautiful. Beautiful, and whispering. Whispering, and dark. Dark, and beautiful, an whispering - with claws, such claws. You shall be cold, and sharp, and dark. You will be Ebonshadow.

You cannot rest, you can never rest, so you might as well craft. Craft arms for Her will, craft armor for Her machinations


A blade of black, elegant, deadly. Like Her words which filled your ears one night. The edge is sharp, unforgiving. It's hungry, don't you hear it? It calls for warmth. For blood. Those who dare defy Her shall feed it. Hungry, like her crows are hungry, like you're always hungry. For warmth. For death.