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Location Bright-Throat Village, Glade of Chimes
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe

Cheesh-Nassa is an Argonian of the Bright-Throat tribe and is the storehouse keeper and assistant to Naheesh Oleen. He can be first found in the village's storehouse and he can help you find Beehuna's dowry. Cheesh-Nassa also has a thing for cleanliness.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Unsuitable Suitors: Investigate the hold up of the bonding ritual at Bright-Throat Village.


"Ah! The Xukas-friend I hear so much about. Sun's blessings! I see you did not kick your feet clean before entering. Well, no matter. I will clean it up later.
How can I help you?"
I need to find Beehuna's dowry for the bonding ritual.
"Beehuna? Ah. The Root-House suitor-thief with the filthy spines. Hmm.
I would give you the dowry, Xukas-friend, but I do not know where it is. The goods-keeper, Oleen, hid it to keep the Root-House thugs from stealing it again."
Where can I find Oleen?
"Gone to Gideon. Personal matter. He will not be back for many days, but do not fret! Naheesh Oleen left a reminder for himself so as not to forget the dowry's location.
It likely points to another reminder. And that to another. He is eccentric."
Why would he write reminders about reminders?
"The Root-House People are not known for patience or wisdom. Naheesh Oleen was determined not to be outwitted by the likes of them, so he invented an impossible challenge for the suitor-thief.
The first reminder is on the post there. Hist guide you."
Thanks for your help.
"I fear the suitor-thief has set you on a fool's errand, beek-ojel, but I'll trust you know better than I what is needed."
Explain to me how I'm supposed to find the dowry again.
"You'll need to look at Naheesh Oleen's reminder over there. It's certain to contain some useful hint among the antagonistic and cryptic writing. Of course, it will likely only point you to yet another reminder, but maybe eventually the dowry too."
Who's Naheesh Oleen?
"Chief of grain-counting, box-stacking, and list-making. He keeps our storehouse in order, in his own way. He's promised to teach me his methods … eventually.
For now I sweep, carry, and keep geckos from eating our worm meal."

Should you speak to Cheesh-Nassa after finding the dowry, he will say, "I see the glimmer and shine of victory in your eyes. You must have located the hidden dowry! I am glad for you, and lift my broom to your success."

Once the Bonding Ritual has successfully started, Cheesh-Nassa can be found joining in the celebrations where he has gotten a closer look at Beehuna, saying "That root-house suitor is very tight skinned. You think she might return for the bonding next season?"