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Blackmarrow Dissector
Location Fang Lair
Race (?) Gender Varies
Health Normal106092Veteran300750
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackmarrow Cult

The Blackmarrow Dissector is a generic member of the Blackmarrow Cult found in Fang Lair.


Conversations can occasionally be heard between cult members:

Blackmarrow Harvester: "This place is vast. Old too. How much death you think this place has seen over the years?"
Blackmarrow Dissector: "Tens of thousands. Without a doubt. These old Dwemer ruins were often cities in their own right in their time."

Blackmarrow Harvester: "All right, whose experiment nearly killed me last night? Fess up."
Blackmarrow Dissector: "What are you talking about?"
Blackmarrow Harvester: "Those twisted toadstools—started popping up to vomit their spores everywhere. I was coughing up blood all night!"

Blackmarrow Harvester : "I don't see why we need to stand guard."
Blackmarrow Dissector : "With things so close to completion, Lizabet's expecting trouble."
Blackmarrow Harvester : "There's no shortage of bones here up to the task."
Blackmarrow Dissector : "Can't trust it to mindless guardians, if the Scalecaller's minions come sniffing around."
Blackmarrow Harvester : "The who?"
Blackmarrow Dissector : "What tomb have you been buried under? Zaan. The Scalecaller. Our mortal enemy."
Blackmarrow Harvester : "Oh, uh—yeah I knew that … don't tell Lizabet."

They will also shout out things when engaging in combat:

Blackmarrow Dissector: "Now I reap the harvest of the blade!"
Blackmarrow Dissector: "My blade has a soul. You will join it!"
Blackmarrow Dissector: "Now I chop you up!"
Blackmarrow Dissector: "Your corpse will be my prize!"

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