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Blackmarrow Deathmonger
Location Fang Lair
Race (?) Gender Varies
Health Normal137526Veteran401911
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackmarrow Cult

Blackmarrow Deathmongers are members of the Blackmarrow Cult found in Fang Lair.


They can occasionally be heard making conversation with other cult members.

Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "I've never seen this design before, What's its purpose?"
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "Remains this old are often bereft of their original essence. This ceremony increases viability."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "That explains the difficulty I've been having."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "missing last line
Blackmarrow Ambusher: "Gads, the smell! I thought these were supposed to be for the food stores."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "No. Raw materials for the master's research."
Blackmarrow Ambusher: "Very raw."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "If this makes you squeamish, you've chosen the wrong vocation."

Conversation right before the Undead Menagerie:

Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "I have conjured up the spirits of countless beings. Some, truly ancient. Why is it the Dwemer never answer? Why can't I make them answer?"
Blackmarrow Harvester: "They aren't meant to return. Divine retribution."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "When I reach out I don't feel resistance. I feel nothing at all."
Blackmarrow Harvester: "The Void is beyond the reach of any mortal."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "Perhaps."

Combat dialogue:

Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "See how I wield death!"
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "You'll never reach the Far Shores."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "A new puppet for the master!"
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "Let's hear your soul wail!"
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