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The Blackheart Haven Pirates is a group of pirates operating out of Blackheart Haven. It is lead by the pirate, Captain Blackheart.


Named Members
Captain Blackheart (Leader)
Atarus (Chef)
First Mate Wavecutter
Ferocious Jakidi (Former member)
Martha the Wench
Roost Mother (Associate)
Shifty Tom
Generic Members
Blackheart Bonelords
Blackheart Deckhands
Blackheart Frighteners
Blackheart Strongarms
Blackheart Summoners
Bone Scouts
Haven Archers
Haven Bruisers
Haven Sinkers
Haven Slip-Knives
Sea Hounds
Undying Pillagers


Related Quests[edit]


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Dungeon.png Veteran Pirate Slayer 10 Defeat 500 Haven Pirates in Veteran Blackheart Haven.