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Reunite a refugee with her husband.
Zone: Deshaan
Objective: Forgotten Crypts — Investigate the disturbance in the Forgotten Crypts.
Quest Giver: Sela
Location(s): Forgotten Crypts
Next Quest: A Bitter Pill
Reward: High Leveled Gold
Survivors of the plague from Narsis have built a refugee camp inside long-abandoned crypts. Sela and her husband came to join the group, but became separated.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Escort Sela to the camp.
  2. Unseal the door.
  3. Find Sela's husband.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Just inside the Forgotten Crypts you will find Sela. She explains that she fled Narsis, and the Llodos Plague, with her husband and a group of other refugees. Upon entering the crypts, she became separated from them, and now they won't let her in the camp through the main entrance. She needs your help finding another way in.

You have the optional step of talking to Sela more after accepting the quest; she says that she wears too much cinnamon perfume.

Head down the steps into the first room. Sela will approach the barricade and initiate a dialogue with the gate sentry in which she gets absolutely nowhere. Head east then north through the corridors, looping back around west when you can. There are many undead to fight. Should you die, Sela will head back to the entrance and you will have to backtrack and pick her up again.

At the alternate entrance, you'll find the door warded. There's a note on the table nearby. Solve the puzzle to get the ward down. You may also try intimidating or persuading the sentry to save the extra step.

Once inside, your compass directs you to the refugees you need to talk to. They have little information for you, other than how tasty the meat they are eating is and that Danus knows more. To get to the bottom of the strange goings-on here, find Danus in the south-central part of the camp.

He reveals that he banished Sela's husband, Garil, on suspicion of having the plague. He has no idea where Garil is in the Crypts, just that he's probably dead.

Find Sela by the back door. She begs you to help her find her husband, as something is very wrong with the entire situation.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Family Divided
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start Sela cannot find a way past the main barricade, and can't fight through the haunted crypts herself.
Objective: Help Sela Reach the Camp
Optional Step: Talk to Sela
There is what appears to be a back entrance into the camp, but the door is locked. Sela will wait by the door while I find a way to open it.
Objective: Find a Way to Unlock the Camp Entrance
Objective Hint: Determine the Correct Sequence
The entrance into the camp is unlocked.
Objective: Enter the Camp
Sela looks uneasy.
Objective: Talk to Sela
Sela is concerned that she hasn't found her husband. It's possible someone in the camp may know where he is.
Objective: Discover Sela's Husband's Fate
Danus, the leader of the refugees, claims Sela's husband contracted the plague and had to be abandoned in the crypts.
Objective: Talk to Sela
Sela should be told whether or not I think it's safe for her to stay here.
Objective: Tell Sela if the Camp is Safe
☑Finishes quest I've decided it is not safe for Sela to stay in the camp.
Objective: Speak to Sela
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