Oblivion:Valley Head Camp

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Valley Head Camp
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Nibenay Basin
In the middle of the triangle formed by Crayfish Cave, Trossan Camp, and Deserted Mine
Valley Head Camp

Valley Head Camp is an unmarked campsite far south of Cheydinhal.

This mysterious, deserted campsite lies hidden deep in the Nibenay Basin, and is very hard to find. It is located north of what appears to be a dried-up river valley, on a slope northwest from Deserted Mine and northeast from Trossan Camp. It contains one tent with a bedroll, partially overgrown with grass. The tent shelters a mix of odd items hidden in the grass: a cheese wheel, a pair of tongs, a skull, and six bottles of beer. The purpose of the camp is completely unknown and there is no flora or wildlife nearby. The camp overlooks the valley to the south, with most of the view blocked by big pines; if anything, this camp offers peace and quiet for adventurers and not much else. A Gate to Oblivion has a chance of opening uphill from the campsite during the course of the Main Quest.