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Skill Increase[edit]

bug: for some reason the skill increase does not count for level up. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 13:43 on 19 April 2010

Imperial Cult free membership reward?[edit]

Shouldn't we add a note that completing this quest honorably also grants a free membership in the Imperial Cult when talking to Ygfa? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 20:13 on 27 December 2012

Inaccurate editorial commentary[edit]

The article claims that the directions given by Ygfa are more confusing than helpful, without providing any evidence or source for this claim. I found the instructions extremely easy to follow, with the only potential confusion being that they refer to a "rope bride" that in fact is a wooden bridge. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 18:27 on 9 March 2013 (GMT)

While I'm not much of an expert on Morrowind, I think I agree with you here. This seems to be more personal commentary left over from this page's creation, when it was written in the first person. As such, I'll remove it. If any Morrowind expert wishes to contradict me about this and want to see the line readded, feel free to do so. --AKB Talk Cont Mail 18:27, 9 March 2013 (GMT)