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Reworking this section[edit]

Right now, this page lists all service providers based on their Class, which is sort of, but not quite a good representation of what services they provide. I propose that this be re-worked to divide the service providers based on what services they actually offer, rather than just their Class. For instance, Qorwynn is an enchanter, but is not listed under Enchanter because his class is actually Sorcerer. (He's also not listed under Mage with the other Sorcerers, since he does not provide Spellmaking services, and in fact the only place he IS listed is under Trainers.) Several of these pages are mostly redundant, and can easily be combined, e.g. Trader and Pawnbroker or Healer and Priest, as they provide pretty much the same services. In part, this page has been made largely obsolete by the new Category system that lets you search for all merchants who sell a given type of item or provide a given service. (All of these categories are automatically created by the NPC Summary template, so it will not be 100% accurate until all service-NPC pages are created and using the template, but we're getting close to that point.) Additionally, many improvements could be made to the individual pages themselves, such as the use of sortable tables (see my changes to Enchanter for an example). These charts would fix the redundancy created by the categories by providing more information. Sure, you can find a list of all Enchanters at Category:Morrowind-Enchanters, but you won't get the info about location, faction, available gold, and other notes that exist at Enchanter. So my proposal would be to supplement the quick category lists with pages detailing the actual services provided by merchants. As such, the following pages would be preserved:

  • Enchanter (All enchanters, even if they are not in the Enchanter class)
  • Spellmaker (All spellmakers, regardless of whether they are in the Mage or Sorcerer classes)
  • Spell Merchants
  • Blacksmith (This would be changed to provide only merchants who provide Repairs services, not just those who only buy/sell armor and weapons.)
  • Transport
  • Trainers
  • Taverns (Possibly altered to include only those who have rooms for rent.)

The following pages would be created:

  • [[Morrowind:Armor Merchants|Armor Merchants]]
  • Morrowind:Weapon Merchants
  • Morrowind:Clothing Merchants
  • Morrowind:Book Merchants (possibly Bookseller would be moved here, but other merchants without the Bookseller class would be added to it.)
  • Morrowind:Ingredient Merchants (Alchemist would be moved here, but with other ingredient merchants added to the list who don't have the Alchemist or Apothecary class.)
  • Morrowind:Potion Merchants (May be redundant with Ingredient Merchants, as most merchants who sell one also sell the other, though there are a few exceptions.)
  • Apparatus Merchants
  • Thieves Tools Merchants (Would include those who sell either Lockpicks or Probes, though most sell both.)
  • Repair Items Merchants (May be redundant with Blacksmith, not sure.)
  • Magic Items Merchants (A key group which is missing - Possibly split Scrolls merchants off, so there's a page for them separate from those who sell armor/clothing/weapons.)
  • Miscellaneous Items Merchants (Specifically, those who sell Miscellaneous Items.)

The following pages would be deleted or changed into redirects for Class pages:

Finally, a few other pages would remain, but be moved off this page to other locations:

  • Imperial Cult Altar (Just a redirect to Shrines anyhow.)
  • Slave Market (Doesn't really seem to belong here, not sure what to do with it. Possibly just merge into Savile Imayn's page, and link from Tel Aruhn, since that's the only slave market from which you can actually buy slaves in the game.)

Any thoughts or objections before I undertake this project? --TheRealLurlock Talk 13:15, 16 November 2007 (EST)

This sounds like a good idea. There are a few things to bare in mind though:
  • Clothiers should go to Clothing Merchants as they only sell clothes.
  • Armor and Weapons should go together, as there's no-one who sells one and not the other (maybe some exceptions). Other lists, like Potions and Ingredients can also be merged, and if there are a few exceptions it can be noted.
  • I wouldn't spit Magic Items, as the game doesn't distinguish between them.
  • Traders and Pawnbrokers will be in almost every list, since they buy/sell almost every item. It may be worth having them on a separate page.
--DrPhoton 06:33, 18 November 2007 (EST)
Okay, after doing a bit of list compilation (offline - the Magic Items Merchants and Repair Items Merchants being the first posted results), I've come up with the following points of interest:
  • There are indeed three merchants who deal in armor or weapons but not both. Foves Arenim and Lassour Zenammu deal only in weapons, while Nivos Drivam (no page yet) deals only in armor. However, the overlap is sufficient that I'd say they can be combined onto one page.
  • There are twelve merchants who deal in ingredients or potions but not both. Dunel Saryon, Fenas Madach, Morrowind:Gindam Ildram, Helviane Desele, Lirielle Stoine, Nivos Drivam (again), and Trivura Arenim deal only in ingredients, and Areas, Creeper, Mudcrab, Ranosa Gilvayn, and Urjorad deal only in potions. Make that eleven, because Urjorad is well, slightly dead. Out of 191 total, however, this is still enough overlap that they'll probably be combined. Those that sell Apparatus, however, is a much smaller list, only 45, so these will probably have a separate page.
  • All Lights Merchants are also Miscellaneous Merchants. However, there are 92 Misc. Merchants and only 60 Lights Merchants, meaning over a third of Misc. Merchants do not sell Lights. The question is - does anyone care enough to warrant Lights Merchants getting their own page?
  • Of the 113 merchants who deal in Books, only 65 of them are listed as dealing Magic Items - i.e. Scrolls. Of the 88 Magic Items dealers, this leaves 23 who do not deal in Scrolls. Since you can already determine who sells Scrolls by sorting the right column on Magic Items Merchants, I don't think Scrolls merchants need their own page, though it might be worth including a column on Morrowind:Book Merchants to indicate this there as well. (Possibly giving a quantity of Scrolls for sale as well.) This of course will depend on tests to determine the exact effect of the "Magic Items" flag on merchants...
All of this leaves the questions of what information will be displayed on each of the pages that will make them more useful than just the already-existing category pages. I've already shown some of this on the two pages I've created - Magic Items shows which of the 4 types of magic items they deal in, including which ones they have in stock or as leveled lists, etc. Repair Items gives an exact count of which items they have, including leveled and restocking supplies. I have similar data for Thieves' Tools and Apparatus being put together. The others may be a bit harder to come up with things for though:
  • Weapons & Armor — The variety of weapons and armor out there is to great to be able to practically give them columns in a chart in a way that would have any meaning. Perhaps just one column each stating the best quality of armor and weapons available would make sense. (Or three columns for armor, based on weight-class?) Very few merchants sell anything better than Steel armor or Silver weapons, however. A column indicating Magic Items would also be in order.
  • Clothing — Columns indicating count of Common/Expensive/Extravagant/Exquisite might work, but dividing it by item type is not practical. Of course, few people care about anything but Exquisite, so maybe just columns for each type of Exquisite available instead? Also a Magic Items column as with Weapons & Armor.
  • Ingredients & Potions — Part of the Ingredients info is already available on Restocking Alchemy Merchants. Of course, many Ingredients merchants do not restock, so they're not covered there. As for potions, there are again too many types to be able to practically put into columns. Perhaps just a Notes column indicating unusual wares, e.g. Moon Sugar & Skooma. (Only 2 merchants have guaranteed Skooma for sale - only 11 have Moon Sugar. None of them will buy it back from you, however. I made a category showing the only 6 merchants in the game who will buy the stuff.)
  • Books & Scrolls — A total book count, followed by a count of Skill Books, maybe? Add in a Scrolls count for those that sell them. Can't think of much else.
  • Thieves' Tools — I have information for type and quantity of Picks and Probes available at vendors. (A large number of those that will buy them don't have any for sale.) Columns for each of the 8 types of available tools might work. (Excluding unavailable SecretMaster level as well as the Skeleton Key and Bent Probes.)
  • Apparatus — I have details for type and quantity of Apparatus available at vendors. Unlike Thieves' Tools, you're not as likely to want to buy these in quantity, as you can only ever use one at a time, and they last forever. So a simple ☑Yes might suffice for "has 'em" vs. "doesn't have 'em". Hardest part is we're dealing with 16 columns for this one - four qualities each of four apparatus types. Could get cramped. Also partly redundant with Alchemy Apparatus, which lists locations by type instead of by vendor. (Most of the items on that list are not for sale, however, and those that are, there's no indication of who sells them.)
  • Miscellaneous — A column for Lights if we're going to combine this in there, and maybe counts of each of the Soul Gem types - there's really no other Misc. items worth knowing about that can't be indicated in a Notes column for special cases. The rest is all useless clutter.
Anyhow, that's the grand plan for now, pages should start appearing within the next few weeks. Let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, etc. --TheRealLurlock Talk 11:49, 30 November 2007 (EST)

Scroll Merchant List?[edit]

I just looked at the book merchant list (like, 4 merchants only) but don't seem to have a list for scroll sellers. Unless once again I'm blind to the obvious, is there a list of such Scroll Merchants. Thanks again. — Unsigned comment by (talk) on 18 December 2010

There isn't one. Enchanters typically sell scrolls though. rpeh •TCE 11:49, 18 December 2010 (UTC)