Morrowind:Medium Armor Trainers

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The numbers on this page represent the highest value which your skill may be at in order to receive training. The trainers can thus raise your skill one point higher than what is listed, with the exception of the Master Trainers, since no skill may be trained above 100.

MW-icon-skill-Medium Armor.jpg Medium Armor[edit]

Level Trainer Location Other Skills Notes
100 Cinia Urtius Tel Fyr, Docks Speechcraft (74) Sneak (64) Only appears with Morrowind Patch Project due to spawn glitch
82 Khargol gro-Boguk Dagon Fel, Vacant Tower Unarmored (100) Block (82)
78 Alfhedil Elf-Hewer Falensarano, Upper Level Axe (100) Blunt Weapon (78)
64 Larrius Varro Moonmoth Legion Fort, Interior Long Blade (74) Block (64)
58 Aengoth the Jeweler Ald'ruhn, The Rat In The Pot Block (58) Long Blade (58) Thieves Guild Service, high rank only
56 Aradraen Vivec, Foreign Quarter, Aradraen: Fletcher Marksman (75) Sneak (54) Added by the Area Effect Arrows plugin.
54 Raflod the Braggart Seyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse Long Blade (49) Block (44)
52 Bugdurash gra-Gashel Maar Gan, Andus Tradehouse Block (52) Long Blade (42)
Elone Seyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse Long Blade (62) Athletics (52) Blades Service
Hylf the Harrier Vivec, Black Shalk Cornerclub Blunt Weapon (52) Axe (52)
51 Vongvild Dagon Fel, The End of the World Long Blade (46) Block (41)
50 Rithleen Balmora, Rithleen's House Long Blade (58) Block (50)
49 Balan Gnaar Mok, Druegh-jigger's Rest Long Blade (59) Athletics (49)
Hides His Eyes Suran, Suran Tradehouse Athletics (59) Block (44)
48 Minglos Vivec, Redoran Scout & Drillmaster Sneak (49) Block (48)
Nilioniel Molag Mar, The Pilgrim's Rest Sneak (49) Block (48)
47 Borwen Tel Mora, The Covenant Sneak (48) Block (47)
Cirwedh Vivec, Telvanni Tower Sneak (48) Block (47)
Hingor Buckmoth Legion Fort, Interior Sneak (48) Block (47)
45 Ulumpha gra-Sharob Gnisis, Fort Darius Alteration (42) Mysticism (42)
44 Arathor Balmora, South Wall Cornerclub Sneak (46) Block (44)
Baradras Ald'ruhn, Guild of Fighters Sneak (46) Block (44)
Baurin Vivec, Guild of Fighters Sneak (46) Block (44)
Fandus Puruseius Sadrith Mora, Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub Long Blade (54) Block (44)
Fasile Charascel Balmora, Guild of Fighters Block (44) Long Blade (44)
Natesse Tel Mora, The Covenant Sneak (46) Block (44)
42 Talis Drurel Vivec, The Flowers of Gold Athletics (47) Block (42)