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Mostly inhabited by sea-going creatures — particularly Slaughterfish, Dreugh, and the occasional Mudcrab — these caves are largely unremarkable, although they can be a reasonable source of Kollop Pearls and Dreugh Wax for anyone capable of holding their breath.

Akimaes Grotto — A small grotto, located between two islands that lie to the southeast of Seyda Neen. (map)
Eluba-Addon Grotto — Just offshore from the Ahemmusa Camp. (map)
Ilanipu Grotto — An underground cave south of Rotheran. (map)
Koal Cave — A grotto just outside of Gnisis. (map)
Madas Grotto — A grotto along Vvardenfell's north coast, northeast of the Urshilaku Camp. (map)
Malmus Grotto — A small grotto on a small island in the Sheogorad Region, northwest of Dagon Fel. (map)
Mudan Grotto — A Dwemer ruin hidden underwater southwest of Ebonheart. (map)
Mul Grotto — A small grotto on the first large island southwest of Molag Mar and east of Mzahnch. (map)
Nimawia Grotto — A small grotto northwest of Seyda Neen. (map)
Vassamsi Grotto — A grotto just under a large island north of Tel Aruhn. (map)
Zalkin Grotto — A grotto just offshore from Holamayan Monastery island. (map)