Morrowind:Yassu Mine

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Yassu Mine
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# of Zones 1
Mine Type Glass
# of Samples 1 loose
24 in rocks
Miners, Imperial Guards, Nix-Hounds
Console Location Code(s)
Yassu Mine
Red Mountain, [2,6]
Yassu Mine

Yassu Mine is a working glass mine inside the Ghostfence, near Ghostgate.

The richest deposit of raw glass on Morrowind is in this besieged Imperial mine inside the Ghostfence. Two Imperial Legion guards fight an uphill battle against blighted Nix Hounds, but the mine is still in operation.

The riches of this mine explains it being in drift, despite the dangers of Red Mountain's Ash Creatures and Blight from Ash Storms.

Stealing the glass deposits might be tempting, but watch the guards. There's not much else in terms of valuables.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Brelyna Andoril Female Dunmer Miner 7 93 90 90 30
Dolmyn Thirelas Male Dunmer Miner 1 50 80 0 30
Gadyni Rethan Female Dunmer Miner 6 85 88 90 30
Sorcalin Male Altmer Nightblade 11 73 122 90 70
Taluri Rothalor Female Dunmer Miner 1 45 80 90 30
Umbacano Male Altmer Mage 13 80 160 90 50


Map of Yassu Mine