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Balur Salvu (balur salvu)
House Balur's Farmhouse
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 3 Class Farmer
Other Information
Health 60 Magicka 84
Alarm 20 Fight 10
Balur Salvu

Balur Salvu is a Dunmer farmer in the Ascadian Isles who owns a farmhouse on the main road between Pelagiad and Vivec, just to the south of Lake Hairan. Balur grows mainly marshmerrow, and is not very friendly unless you are on the related quest. He is wearing a pair of common pants with a matching belt and shoes, and carries five portions of marshmerrow. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.

Related Quests[edit]

Imperial Cult[edit]


  • Greeting:

If you haven't started Gathering Marshmerrow, Balur will not be hospitable, even if you are the Nervarine:

"You're not from 'round here, are you? Then it's just as well you keep moving. We don't much like strangers around here. Good day."
"So. You're the Nerevarine, eh? Whoop-tee-do. Don't have much call for Nerevarines down this way. Good day."

When you are sent to him by Sera Synnolian:

"Well, well! You come from Sera Synnolian, eh? Good on you. He's a good old f'lah, for an outlander. And what can I do you for?" (Disposition up by 10)

If you still have the potion Synnolian gave you:

"Well, well! You brung me a little present from Sera Synnolian, eh? Good on you. He's a good old f'lah, for an outlander. And what can I do you for?" (Disposition up by 30)

After you have completed the quest:

"Good day to see you again, %PCName. Sorry I don't have time to pass the day with you. Farmer's work is never done. But give my regards to Sera Synnolian when you see him."
  • do you for:
"Sera Synnolian needs marshmerrow, eh? Not a problem. There's a little field of marshmerrow growing right here next to my house. Help yourself. And my regards to Sera Synnolian. And that's all you need?"
That's all, thanks.: "You're welcome. And good day."
Teach me something?:
"I'm more than a little busy today. Besides, doubt there's much I could teach such a clever fellow as yourself. Good day."

If you gave Balur the potion when you met:

"Well, now. With this fine Strength potion you brung me, won't take no time at all to grub out those roots for the new marshmerrow plot. Thank you kindly. Why don't you take this book? I know it by heart already. Experience and practice is the real stuff, but there's nothing wrong with a little book learning. Well, then. Reckon I better get back to work. Good day. And my regards to Sera Synnolian."
"Hope you find the book useful. I did."