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Tapestry of the Mythic Dawn

The Mythic Dawn was a secret cult that worshipped the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon, and carried out an assassination plot which brought about the Oblivion Crisis and thus the end of the Third Era.[1] Emperor Uriel Septim VII and his heirs were slain as part of an attempt to lead a Daedric invasion of Tamriel.[1] The Mythic Dawn's leader was Mankar Camoran, whose son Raven and daughter Ruma were his key lieutenants; all three were slain in 3E 433 by the Champion of Cyrodiil.[1][2] The Mythic Dawn had many sleeper agents posing as regular townsfolk scattered throughout Tamriel, as well as a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon hidden in a cavern near Lake Arrius that served as their base.[1] After the remnants of the Mythic Dawn were killed, Mehrunes Dagon's artifact Mehrunes' Razor was broken into three pieces.[3] These pieces were hidden by several families, but were purportedly reunited in Skyrim during the Stormcloak Rebellion.[4] A museum dedicated to the Mythic Dawn opened in Dawnstar in 4E 201.[4]

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