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The Dreamworld Amulet is a dangerous magical device created by Henantier of the Mages Guild in 3E 433.[1] It allows the wearer to enter their own mind and control their dreams. Henantier designed the amulet as an unsanctioned experiment, with the intent of bettering himself by using his dreams as a personal training ground; however, he became trapped in his dreams and was unable to wake up.

Kud-Ei, the chapter head of Bravil and a good friend of Henantier's, recruited a stranger to help rescue him and avoid repercussions from the Mages Guild. The stranger used the amulet to enter Henantier's Dreamworld and helped him recover his patience, courage, resolve, and perception, which allowed him to realize his situation and wake up. With the death of the dreamer, all those who share the dream die as well, making the amulet very dangerous and unlikely to see further use.[1]




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