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You can hear him from a long ways away. I found him in SE Solstheim in the area between Highpoint Tower and Ashfallow Citadel - Im not sure if he moves around a lot. We might be able to add a location to Journal of a Madman. QuNybble talk 1210, 21Mar2013(MST)

The location is random, as other random encounters are. My location was closer to Northshore Landing, and there are a number of other possible locations, which is why we don't list them. Thanks for the info, though. :) — ABCface 14:13, 21 March 2013 (GMT)

The Wizards Spell[edit]

I don't suppose anyone actually knows what spell, or spells, the wizard casts here do they? Obviously there is nothing a PC can use, as I'm guessing his abrupt movement and drop is scripted as opposed to an "effect". However, the visual effects don't look familiar to me.— Unsigned comment by EaglesDerbyUK (talkcontribs) at 18:29 on 11 September 2014

I was sort of able to find something in the CSList, but I'm no expert as to figure out exactly what it means. It says he uses "spelllist 1", but I can't find out what that includes. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will stop by here. •WoahBro►talk 18:42, 11 September 2014 (GMT)
"Use spellist 1" actually has nothing to do with the wizard encounter. It determines whether the spellist listed for that character would be used or not, or whether the spellist for that character's template would be used instead. --AN|L (talk) 18:47, 11 September 2014 (GMT)
Gotchya, thanks Anil for that clarification. So I guess I don't know anything Eagles, sorry! •WoahBro►talk 18:58, 11 September 2014 (GMT)
The levitation appears to be from a script, rather than the spell itself. An NPC package for the encounter uses the spell Locate, which the wizard casts before he levitates but it doesn't actually lift up the caster as I've tested. It looks like the spell Neloth casts during Old Friends. I'm not an expert on Skyrim's scripts either though, so take this with a grain of salt. —<({QT>> 05:10, 25 September 2014 (GMT)

Occurs only once[edit]

I have added a note that this interaction only occurs once, since:

  • it can only activate if a condition DLC2WE05DoOnce is false
  • I have spent hours intentionally trying to get it to happen with no results, so I believe I missed it; however the nature of random events means I could be simply unlucky
  • it makes sense that an easter egg event like this, with a unique character who dies, would only occur once

Please feel free to change this note if you experience otherwise in your game. Sporky (talk) 15:59, 2 April 2018 (UTC)