Dragonborn:Hvitkald Peak

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Hvitkald Peak
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Respawn Time 10 days
West of the Abandoned Lodge
Northwest of Bloodskal Barrow
Hvitkald Peak as seen from the shoreline, elevated

Hvitkald Peak is a mountain on Solstheim, located just west of the Abandoned Lodge. The marker for this peak does not appear on the compass until you have climbed nearly to the top.

Looking down at Bloodskal Barrow from Hvitkald Peak

Of the four marked mountain peaks on Solstheim, this is the easiest to reach. The ascent is best started from the peak's northern side, north-west of the Abandoned Lodge, at the end of the ridge just behind the exit from Fahlbtharz. Simply jump along the ridge in a southerly direction until you reach the marker.

From the top, you can see most of the Solstheim ash wastes. To the south, beyond the end of the ridge, lies the Wreck of the Strident Squall and the Raven Rock Bulwark, while southwest is Bloodskal Barrow. To the north, you can see Fahlbtharz, and behind that, Mortrag Peak. The Moesring Mountains extend away to the northeast, and on the eastern horizon are the steps to the Temple of Miraak. On a hill to the southeast sits Highpoint Tower, with Tel Mithryn visible to its left, and Fort Frostmoth on the coast to its right. The Abandoned Lodge can be seen below you, at the foot of the mountain.


  • This location also appeared in Bloodmoon.
  • Pc22.png The tmm command won't make it visible on the map.
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