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This page provides a list of all creature types in the Dragonborn expansion for Skyrim. Some creatures can be recruited as followers.

Animals — Animals comprise various mundane creatures that have no magical or weapon-wielding abilities.
Ash HopperBristleback
Named Animals — BilgemuckLord TuskOld Salty
Daedra — Daedra are creatures from the planes of Oblivion.
Ash GuardianLurkerSeeker
Dwarven Automatons — Dwarven automatons are ancient, robot-like machines encountered in Dwarven ruins.
Dwarven BallistaSteadfast Dwarven SphereSteadfast Dwarven SpiderTempered Sphere
Monsters — Monsters are creatures with various magical abilities, ranging from magical attacks to various magical resistances.
Burnt SprigganFire WyrmNetchRieklingRiekling ChiefSerpentine DragonSpiders
Named DragonsKrosulhahKruziikrelRelonikivSahrotaar
Named Frost Giant — Karstaag
Named HagravensEttieneFallaiseIsobel
Passive Creatures — Passive creatures are non-hostile and completely unable to attack or harm you.
Felsaad TernPearl OysterSilt Strider
Undead — Undead creatures consist of spirits, reanimated skeletons, reanimated corpses, and ash creatures.
Ash SpawnHulking Draugr
Named Dragon PriestsAhzidalDukaanVahlok the JailorZahkriisos
Named DraugrGatekeeper


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